We Have Insurance for your Business

Many of our local clients know us for homeowners, auto, boat or other personal insurance needs. But you may not know that we also provide business insurance for local businesses, to help keep you fully protected. According to the Small Business Association (SBA), there are over 4.1 million small businesses in California. (You are receiving an email from one right now😉!)  Since small businesses are defined as ones with under 100 employees, we offer a number of insurance policies to help meet any and all of your business needs.

Here are the most popular policies for Small Businesses:

Here are the most popular policies for Small Businesses:

Business Owners Policy: This is intended to serve the needs of most small businesses. This policy combines building, personal property, and liability insurance coverage into one convenient package.

General Liability Insurance: This is often referred to as business liability insurance, and it coverage that can protect your business from a variety of claims, including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and others that can come up in your business.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance: When an employee is injured at work, this policy covers three things: medical bills, recovery costs and partial missed wages. If the employee dies, this coverage pays for funeral expenses and benefits to the worker’s family. It is designed to help pay for work injuries and illnesses without the hassle of a lawsuit.

We also offer Professional Liability, Lessors Risk, Business Auto, Product Liability, Marine Inland and Business Umbrella Policy.

If you would like for us to assess your business risks, please contact our office, 714.340.0295, and we will be happy to help!