That Could Have Been Bad

A couple decades ago, drivers were only distracted by things like eating in the car, or perhaps another passenger. But as technology becomes more prevalent, many drivers allow their phones, watches and other devices to distract them, causing traffic accidents that are sometimes fatal.

As you may already suspect, teenage drivers were the ones most likely to drive while using their phone, to text, email or use social media while driving.  Although teens are most prone to driving distracted, it is a behavior that can be found at every age group. In fact, 30% of Americans say they have had a “near miss” because they were personally distracted while driving.

Here are five tips for staying focused while driving:
1. Turn on the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature or download a similar app on smartphones.
2. Apply any makeup prior to putting the car in “drive.” Applying makeup can be a source of distraction.
3. Refrain from texting while driving or checking your phone at red lights, or when a message appears.
4. Don’t eat or drink while driving.
5. Activate the GPS prior to driving. If you need to change your route, consider pulling over to type in a new address

We hope that you stay safe (and focused!) this holiday season. Please give us a call (714.340.0295) if you need any help with your insurance policies.