Should Every California Resident Have This?

“Did you feel that?”

Yes–you know that line seen in neighborhood Facebook groups or texts sent to local friends. One of the costs of living in Paradise (i.e. California) is that you are likely to experience earthquakes from time to time.

Although California has over 16,000 fault lines, residents are not obligated to have Earthquake insurance. As we are sure you are already aware, the standard homeowner’s policy does not include damage from earthquakes.
If you are thinking about getting earthquake insurance, here are the factors to consider in that decision making process:

*What kind of home do you own? Specifically, is it brick, stone or a concrete home, as they are more likely to be damaged because they are inflexible.
*What would be the cost incurred if an earthquake damaged your home and you could not live there for a period of time?
*What is your home’s distance to the fault line?
*If your home was deemed uninhabitable from an earthquake, and you did not have insurance, could you withstand that financial hit, especially if you still have a mortgage?

If you are interested in Earthquake insurance, there are more options than the CEA (California Earthquake Authority) which is currently the main carrier in California.

If you don’t currently have Earthquake Insurance, or would like to consider all your options, give us a call (714) 340-0295 and we would be more than happy to discuss this with you.