Life Insurance 3.0

One of the most popular questions we get at the Canzone Agency is… “When should I get life insurance?”  

While there is no standard answer, we can share with you reasons that our customers tell us they are purchasing life insurance to protect their family from potential financial hardship.
People typically come to us for life insurance when:

The couple is getting married.
Wedding bells are ringing, and the couple wants to start off on the right financial foot!

A baby is on the way. 
Couples need to make sure that each spouse, and children, will protected financially.

Getting a New Job 
Changing employers will cause change in employee-sponsored plans and salary.

Health is a consideration.
If there is a history of health concerns, it is wise to purchase life insurance early on.

Buying a Home
It’s necessary to consider replacement income to pay the mortgage.

When we provide these life insurance quotes, many of our customers are pleasantly surprised by the cost. Most people assume life insurance is much more expensive!

If you are interested in getting a quick “check in” on your life insurance needs, simply give us a call 714-340-0295, and we would be happy to get you a quote or make sure you are covered for everything you need.