Home Renovations that Impact Your Insurance

With people staying a bit closer to home lately, many are plunging into home renovation projects.  While most homeowners understand that renovations will often increase the home’s value, many forget that they need to extend their insurance policy to cover them.
Here are 5 renovations that can impact your insurance policy

1. Addition to your home
If your family needs a bit more space, you may be in the market for an adding a room, garage or office to your home.  Be sure to connect with us before you get started, as this certainly impacts the home value and insurance coverage. If you are using this space for an office, you will also want to double check your business insurance to make sure everything is fully covered.

2. Adding a deck
Decks can increase the home value, but they can also increase the risk, especially if it is on the second story.

3. Putting in a Pool
A pool can increase the risk of accident, so you will want to check with us to see if a pool is covered under your current policy. You will also want to take a look at your liability limits and umbrella policy to see if you need to increase that coverage.

4. Installing a new roof
Good news here: installing a new roof can sometimes have a positive impact on your insurance bill. Having a new roof makes your house less vulnerable to water, hail or wind damage.

5. Renovating your kitchen or bathroom
Renovating your kitchen or bathroom can impact the value of your home.  As such, you will want to check with us to see if your current policy covers the new upgrades.

Whether you are planning a small project, or something that will require a hardhat, remember to contact us to see how it will impact your overall homeowners or umbrella insurance policies.