Gas Theft in California?

If you thought your catalytic converter was the only thing you had to be concerned about thieves stealing from your car, you are in for a surprise with this week’s update.  

Nationwide, police are seeing an uptick in thieves stealing gasoline from cars.  While you might be visualizing someone siphoning gas from your tank, many thieves have moved on to other techniques that cause more damage to your car or truck.

For larger vehicles, thieves are drilling holes in the tank (!) or crawling underneath and cutting the rubber filler neck leading to the tank.  As you can imagine, these are not inexpensive problems to fix!

So we have put together some tips to help protect your vehicle from this type of crime.

1. Park in a garage, if possible.

2. If garage parking is not available, consider motion sensor lights or video cameras that would deter a thief.

3. When you are parking, try to find a spot that is in a well lit area.

4. Park where your gas cap faces the road.

5. Avoid parking in areas, like an airport, for extended periods of time.

As gas prices continue to rise, it is important to protect you and your family from criminals who are exploiting this surge in prices. If you are curious about how these kinds of repairs would be covered by your auto policy, give us a call (714) 340-0295 and we would be happy to help.