Does your Auto Policy Include THIS?

For many prospective clients that we work with, they have one goal when purchasing Auto Insurance: Get the very best policy, for the very best price.  (By the way–this is always OUR goal for our clients, too!)

But we have found that sometimes, in an effort to get the very best price, some customers have opted for a lesser policy, thinking they would not need the “extras.”  This is human nature!  No one wants to pay a penny more than needed to get the best insurance.

But later, when they need that insurance, they are upset to realize that they opted out of the extras that would be really great!  It is often those “extras” that would  be a great cushion after something happened to their car.

Whether you choose to include these in your Auto Policy or not, let’s have a look at what these extras are so that you can determine if they should be included in your policy.

1. Rental Car Coverage
Renting a car will run you between $30-$70 per day.  Depending on the duration at the repair shop, this could be a significant cost if there is a lengthy repair time for your car.

2. Roadside Assistance
Whether it is a dead battery or flat tire, roadside assistance can be pricey!  Roadside assistance can be a great comfort to you if something goes wrong.

3. Gap Insurance

If you have an auto loan, you may want to consider Gap Insurance.  With traditional auto insurance, if your vehicle is totaled or stolen, you will be given the cash value of the car.  If your auto loan exceeds the value of the car, you will have to pay off the difference out of pocket.  Gap insurance will help you to cover that difference.

Not sure if you have any of these “extras” included in your policy?  Call us (714.340.0295), and we will be happy to find out for you.